3 Ways Companies Are Reducing Packaging Waste in Food Production

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These days, companies are having to think more and more about their carbon footprint and ways that they can become more environmentally friendly.

Gone are the days where consumers blindly buy products without thinking about the company’s philosophies or impact on the environment – buyers are increasingly anxious to know what their favorite companies are doing to be more eco-friendly.

Here are some of the great ways conscious companies are reducing packaging waste.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is slowly but surely becoming the packing option for many food manufacturers around the world, particularly those that care about the environment and their carbon footprint.

Flexible packaging requires fewer materials in the manufacturing process which reduces energy wastage. Flexible packaging also means that less excess packaging is used as the flexibility of the material molds easily to whatever is inside.

Customers are encouraged to reuse the flexible packaging – many customers use the flexible pouch that is often part of flexible packaging again – as it is a useful bag that they can wrap their next delivery in.

Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging is extremely environmentally friendly. When you see a company uses compostable packaging, you can be sure that they are environmentally conscious and taking that extra step to be as eco friendly as they can.

The major benefit to the environment is that compostable packaging requires less carbon to produce, which reduces the amount of energy expended, waste sent to the landfill and, as a knock-on effect, reduces the levels of pollution in the air. When a customer receives a compostable package, they can use it to feed the soil in their back garden – compostable packaging effectively returns nutrients back to the soil.

One of the worst aspects of unsustainable packaging is the focus on new, virgin materials. This can be extremely damaging for the environment and a shift of focus onto recycled or better, compostable packaging, is definitely the way to go for a greener future.

General Reduction of Plastic Waste

Innovations within the food packaging industry are constantly being made in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste being generated every day.

Companies have begun to make padded envelopes and packaging from paper and card instead of polystyrene and bubble wrap – this alternative works just as well and effectively reduces plastic waste.

Whatever the alternative material, it is certainly apparent that we can’t continue using the amount of plastic we are – it is both impractical, unsuitable, and downright wasteful.

Have you ever ordered a small amount of food to your house and found it delivered to you in layers of plastic packaging and then placed inside a cardboard box or huge paper bag that is much too big for the product?

The amount of waste that companies often generate simply through packaging can be extreme and solutions like flexible and compostable packaging reduce this kind of wasteful use of materials.

One thing to take away from this article is your own ability to be a conscious consumer – call companies out where you can for their excess packaging and aim to order your favorite meals from companies that are making efforts to reduce their packaging waste.


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