About Foodtippr

Thanks for showing interest in knowing about Foodtippr. We love it when you show interest. So take a seat and grab a glass of your favorite drink, because we want to have an amazing experience while you are on our site, even if it’s an About page.

So, What is Foodtippr?

The word Foodtippr is a smart combination of two words, Food, and Tip.

So we are the Tippers here, and Food is the specifics. Now the name should have been Foodtippr but sadly the internet is a strange place, and domain names are hard to find. So, we had to settle down with Foodtippr. Which, we think is a pretty cool name.

 How is Foodtippr useful to you?

This is an interesting question. While the majority of our website is about making Cooking fun and easy for everyone, and we provide a different type of recipes with step by step process (and sometimes videos too), We also encourage people who engage with like-minded people to form a community of Food lovers.

Foodtippr is not just a place where you find a recipe for your next meal. Out motive is to let you experience the art of cooking. It’s not about feeding something to your body, but to celebrate it as well.

I think you should learn the details of something you practice three to fours times a day, that is, the Food. And this is where Foodtippr can be useful to use.

Consider this page a place to find answers for people who are our favorite members who show interest in Foodtippr. It will be updated with more information.