How to Make Onion Fritters | Pyaaz Pakora

Here is the recipe of Onion Fritter aka Pyaaz ke Pakora. The Onion Fritters are pretty common in every Indian Household. it is easy to make and goes well with Evening Teas or we have some guests at home.


Despite this being one of the most popular recipes of all time, I am surprised to see not a lot of people can make really nice Pakora of pyaaz. Check out my step by step recipe to make the best onion fritters you will have in a long time.

Also, follow the video preparation for better understanding if you have got a high-speed internet.

Preparation Time:  20 Minutes

Serves 3

Difficulty: Medium


3/4 cup1 Chickpea flour
1 cup sliced Onion
1/4 cup Coriander leaves
2 Green Chili
1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder
to taste Salt
1/2 Tsp Red chili powder
for deep frying Oil
for batter Water


In a mixing bowl, add chickpea flour.

Add turmeric powder, red chili powder and green chili.

Add water and make a lumps free batter.

Add salt and chopped coriander leaves.

Add sliced onion, mix it well.

Now , the batter is ready.

Heat oil in a wok, drop a teaspoon of batter in the wok, drop 8-10 at a time. Deep fry it on a medium to low flame till it is light golden and crisp.

Take out the fried onion fritters on a tissue paper to get rid of a extra oil.


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