If you consume alcohol, making responsible decisions is extremely important. You have to know your limits, plan and take care to stay out of trouble at events where you expect to drink, and also make sure you do not jeopardize the health and well-being of other people.

How do you stay responsible and still enjoy a drink like this one here at parties and other social events? What is a game plan that ensures that you both have your cake and eat it? Read on if would like some advice on how to have fun safely and properly.

Drink With Your Buddies, Not Alone

In order to drink responsibly, you should take care not to drink alone or with people you don’t know or trust. If you are at a party on your own and there’s nobody who can take care of you or call help in case something goes wrong, you could find yourself in an unpleasant or downright dangerous situation without anyone close to you realize what is going on.

Whether it’s an event or a visit to a bar, always make sure you call a buddy or two, so that you have somebody you can count on around. That said, avoid meeting up with people who might encourage you to go overboard with the drinks or who are likely to hook up with somebody and disappear, leaving you on your own. Be sure to go with someone reliable and trustworthy.

Work Out A “Sober” System With A Friend

Team up with a friend and make a deal to look out for each other. This friend will be able to observe whether you have had too much to drink, give you a hint when it’s time to switch to water and prevent you from getting behind the steering wheel when you are not fit enough to drive.

Take turns to watch out for each other on different outings. Take turns, so that it’s not just one of you that’s always in need of help and getting out of trouble. If you are that girl who has a few too many drinks on every single occasion, you risk ending up without anybody to accompany you on your trips to the bar.

Know Thyself

You should first and foremost know yourself and your limits when it comes to alcohol. It is really easy to figure out if you can tolerate it and what amounts you could get away with. Since everybody is different and unique, you need to listen to yours and the signals it is sending as to what is acceptable.

If you are going to drink for the first time, it is better to do so at home or at a friend’s home, surrounded by people close to you. In this way, you will avoid getting into a socially awkward situation and find it easier to judge exactly how much you can handle. You can also get a complete list of tips on safe alcohol consumption at indiana.edu.

If you already know that you could safely drink two glasses of wine or four beers total for the evening, remind yourself about this number prior to leaving the house and then try to do your best and stick to it. Moving at a slow pace and staying hydrated is one way you could make sure you don’t exceed your personal limit.

Plan Your Journey Home The Night Before

You need to have a plan about how you will be getting home, as early as the night before. If you are out with a group of friends, you might appoint a designated driver who will take the responsibility to skip their drinks this time in order to get the rest of the company home safe. You could also walk, if the distance is short, or take the bus where you have access to public transportation. The other logical way, of course, is calling a taxi.

You should absolutely not drive to a bar hoping that you will find someone to drive you home later or get in a vehicle with somebody who has had a lot to drink. Involving with strangers while intoxicated is another behavior you should avoid at all costs since you can’t count on your clouded judgment to take reasonable action.

Take a taxi or any other means of transport in order to get home in the safest way possible, and wait until you are sober before you call that girl you met at the bar to invite her for coffee.

Never ever drive when you are drunk. Even a couple of drinks which might seem fine to you are enough to put yours and other people’s lives in danger. Do not count on avoiding disaster or not getting caught “this” time.

Don’t Drink When You Are Hungry or Upset 

If you drink on an empty stomach, you not only become intoxicated a lot faster but also risk feeling sick to your stomach. Check out this article if you would like to find out why and how this happens.

Some food is also better than other when it comes to keeping you sober for longer, and that’s a good sized meal with enough carbs and protein that will help process the alcohol. If you eat a meal before going out, you will reach your drinking limit considerably more slowly.

If you still find yourself in a bar on an empty stomach, make sure you order dinner first, and try to have a bite or two before you have your first drink.

Since alcohol depresses the nervous system, if you are feeling angry, worried or otherwise emotionally imbalanced, drinking will only aggravate your condition.

Don’t try to drown your problems in alcohol or look for a solution when drunk. It is best to drink when you are happy, not as a way to fix something that bothers you.


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